Monday, November 28, 2022

Not feeling it

I usually hang a wreath on my front door, but Saturday I saw this silly penguin at The Dollar Store and decided to make a switch. A Christmas penguin with lips would have made my mom smile. I like the idea of celebrating Christmas with my mom every time I put my key in the lock.

So see? I was in the Christmas spirit. But not now.

I found out Saturday night via a Facebook post -- just like all 519 of Reg's Facebook friends -- that Henry is back in the looney bin. This is the third time this year the police have been called and taken my friend away to a mental health facility. He was there in May and September, too.

During the past two hospitalizations, Reg called and IM'd me. Not this time. I don't really feel like talking to Reg. But I would like more facts about what's going on, instead of just Reg-centric Facebook posts ("I'm in a canoe without oars, heading toward angry rapids." Yeah, whatever. Any word on when Henry will be released? Or is this the time when he will be committed to a facility, as Reg keeps implying?).

I had made my peace with the idea that this will be my last Christmas in Key West. I understand that, with the deterioration in his mental state, Henry might not know me much longer.

Now I am faced with the possibility that I may never see my friend again.

I am scheduled to spent his 60th birthday with him on 12/22. That may not happen.

I am heartsick.