Friday, July 02, 2010

Water + Beer + Water = OUCH!

I had lunch yesterday at The Taste of Chicago and, since I preferred spending my tickets on food*, I bought a bottle of water instead of having my customary Coke with lunch. Later in the day I took a free Bud Light off the beer cart. Then, to save calories, I had only water with dinner.

And by bedtime I had a headache that didn't respond to painkillers.

It wasn't debilitating, just painful, so I know it wasn't a migraine. I suspect it's because I skipped the Coke -- and the caffeine -- at lunch.

*I had fried cheese ravioli from Harry Caray's booth, peach cobbler from B. J.'s Market and Bakery and, in a bow to tradition, chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick from Eli's. I only regret the ravioli. It was very bland. And, to borrow from Woody Allen, it was such a small portion!

Meet my second in command

This is Charlotte Ann. She is making serious eye contact with me because she is a serious girl. She has a lot of responsibility. It's up to her to make sure I sort the laundry properly, that I remember to serve the correct treat to each cat (crunchy for her, soft for Reynaldo and cat grass for Joey), that the boys don't defecate in the ladies-only litter box (I don't know how she achieves this, but she does), and that every morning I apply my skin care and makeup properly.

PS This really is all there is to her, for she has no tail. It's not her breed, it's the result of an unfortunate accident that took place, as best we can tell, when she was just weeks old. It causes her no pain and only adds to her charisma.