Wednesday, January 22, 2014


To play along, just answer the following three questions ...

• What are you currently reading?  Bruce, the Springsteen biography by Peter Ames Carlin. More than 500 pages, I bet this tome will answer just about any question I may have about The Boss. I checked the index and was surprised to see I'm not listed. Hard to believe, when you consider how much meeting me must have meant to Springsteen.
• What did you recently finish reading? Killing the Blues by Michael Brandman, a continuation of Robert B. Parker's Jesse Stone series, but without Mr. Parker, who died in 2010. It was fine. It was OK. It fits in well with Mr. Parker's later efforts, which were not his best. I enjoyed Ace Atkins' efforts, taking up the mantle for Parker's more famous character, Spenser, than I did this one.

• What do you think you’ll read next? Ya got me! We'll see how I feel after Bruce.

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