Monday, July 05, 2021

Thank you, Elaine

Last week I missed my Monday night movie group Zoom. I think it was the first time since we've moved online last year. But Monday had been a tough day at work after a long weekend of working, and I'd gotten the bad news about Reynaldo, and the condo board bullshit was getting more complicated ... and I didn't really get the movie. I did kinda sorta see The Paradine Case, but I didn't give a shit about what I was watching and since it's Hitchcock, I really should pay attention if I'm to speak intelligently about it. Anyway, I blew it off.

Beginning Thursday, Elaine started texting me. She was concerned about me. For the past year, every time Reynaldo crashed one of our Zoom movie meetups, Elaine would IM me that she thought he was flirting with her. So when in her text she asked if he was OK, it was cute and clever. But, since there truly is something wrong with Rey, I took a day to reply, and did it via email so I could really explain it to her.

I knew from our lunch back in May (and from the furry roommates who make discreet appearances on her screen) that she has a dog and a cat. She bought them from breeders, which is a pebble in my shoe because so many completely lovable dogs and cats are languishing in shelters, but she does love and dote on them. I know that to her, they aren't investments or status symbols. So I was comfortable sharing with her about Rey Rey.

She emailed back that she's happy to pick me and Rey up in her van for vet appointments. She's retired now, has time and resources and is "happy to share the bounty" in her life. Then she texted photos of her cat in his new purple cat bed, looking regal (purple being the color of royalty).

I'm flattered that she wants to be friends with me. I'm touched by her kindness. I need new friends who aren't as fucked up* as John and Henry.

I also got a fireworks text from Joanna. She and I keep rescheduling on one another because of work, but hopefully we'll see each other this coming Saturday. I met her through movie group and bonded with her over cats, too. Maybe, as things open up more and more, the three of us can get together.

At any rate, I wanted to take a moment to note and feel good about this. To appreciate it.

*said with affection

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Another reason to shop local

Ever since the groceries arrived on Thursday, Connie and Reynaldo have patiently taken turns in the delivery box.