Saturday, January 28, 2023

Sunday Stealing


1. when did you last sing to yourself I sing to myself every morning along with the shower radio. This morning it was the Spinners' "Could It Be I'm Falling in Love."

2. if you’re male, would you ever rock black nail polish? if you’re female, would you ever rock really really short hair? I wear my hair short, but not Sinead O'Connor short. I wouldn't. My hair is my thing.

3. what is the greatest accomplishment of your life? I am pleased that my life has touched the lives of others in a meaningful way. You know, a la George Bailey.

4. what is the first happy memory that comes to mind, recent or otherwise? Recent: My cat Connie has spent a lot of time at the vet over the last week or so. It's been difficult for her because she's shy and doesn't understand what is happening. Strange people manhandling her! New smells! Dogs in close proximity! So it touched my heart and made me so happy to wake up to find her curled up asleep on the pillow beside me. She is happy to be home and trusts me.

5. if you knew that in one year you would die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are now living? Of course. It's an overwhelming question so I don't have a quick answer, but I'm sure I would organize myself and make it easier to make each day count.

6. do you have a bucket list? if so, what are the top three things? I don't do the bucket list thing. It's  things you want to do before you kick the bucket, aka die. Why would I want to accomplish things that bring me closer to death?

7. how do you feel about tattoos and piercings? Everyone should do whatever they want.

8. do you feel you had a happy childhood? No. But it had happy moments.

8. when did you last cry in front of another person? Back in September. I was sick and scared and overwhelmed. It was memorable because I've been working since I was 17 and this was the only time I ever cried in a professional setting. I'll always remember how comforting my newest team member was. Rita kept saying, "I've got you, girlie." 

9. who in the world would you most like to receive a letter from and what would you want it to say? I have three friends that worry about almost constantly -- Henry, John and my oldest friend. I'd love to hear from any one of the three that they are happy and at peace.

10. what is your night time routine? I make sure that my Elvis/Graceland mug is full of water and right where I can reach it overnight. With my proclivity for kidney stones, I'm supposed to stay hydrated.

11. when was your last 3am conversation with someone, and who were they to you? It was probably my oldest friend because she lives in California, two hours earlier so it was only 1am for her.

12. if you were about to die, and you could only say one more sentence to one person, what would you say and to whom? I need more context. It would be different if I were falling from the sky in a plane crash than if I'm in a bed in assisted living.

13. what is your opinion on brown eyes? His are bottomless and beautiful.

14. pick a quote and describe what it means to you personally. JFK: "One person can make a difference, and everyone should try." We're all capable of kindness and making the right choices. Those kindnesses and choices reverberate. 

15. what would you title the autobiography of your life so far? What the Ever-Loving F? It's a phrase I find myself saying more and more often.


The cruelty is the point

Another conspiracy theory debunked. Paul Pelosi obviously wasn't embarrassed at home in a gay tryst. He was the victim of a violent attack at the hands of a home invader. It was an act of political violence, and everyone should be horrified.

Except we aren't. Some proud members of the GOP made fun of the attack. Others made the victim complicit. I doubt, though, that any of them are ashamed.

I remember a comment Mary Trump made about her famous uncle. "The cruelty is the point." Some MAGA folks equate cruelty with strength and strength with power. What galls me about them is that they uniformly claim to be Christian. Their behavior reflects what I learned in the schoolyard, not in Sunday School. 

Adam Kinzinger is a former representative with whom I agree on almost no policy issues. But I have never doubted that he is decent and has a moral compass. Maybe because he's a decorated veteran who flew missions in Afghanistan, he doesn't feel the need to prove his bravery by being bitchy at the keyboard. Anyway, I love his Twitter post.

See it on his feed here.

And I'll leave you with the wildly witty scion of the Trump family. .


The Republican party cast out Kinzinger and seems to embrace the Trumps. The GOP is the party of casual cruelty.