Sunday, July 10, 2011

Movie Monday

We're Having a Heat Wave. Share movies that turned the heat on their characters and link back here at the Bumbles.

Cool Hand Luke. I don't know what state prison camp Luke was sent to, but it was somewhere south where it never, ever cold. Or even cool. Just thinking about that scene where the chain-gang boys pave the road under the blistering sun exhausts me!

Suddenly, Last S
This movie, written by Tennessee Williams, is the very definition of "crazy from the heat." Every year, brilliant Sebastian would go on holiday and compose a critically-acclaimed poem. Usually
he took his charming, aristocratic mother, Violet (Katharine Hepburn). But suddenly, last summer, he invited his beautiful cousin, Cathy (Elizabeth Taylor) instead. During that vacation to the tropics, Sebastian dies under mysterious circumstances and Cathy's account of what happened on the beach is so gothic and horrible and scandalous that Violet wants her lobotomized to keep her quiet and preserve Sebastian's reputation. It also gave us this iconic shot of Liz in a white bathing suit.

Sunday at Grandma's

Today my mom, my nephew and I played a couple games of Clue. It's always good to play board games with him because it inspires so much more interaction than video games. Today's memorable comment sprang from his observation that I brought a different edition of Clue than he had at his house. He jokingly wondered if the next version will be updated to include "chloroform and duct tape." That's how pervasive the Casey Anthony coverage has been! Even an 11-year-old boy knows details.

When I hugged my mother goodbye, I noticed that she is now shorter than I am. When did this happen?