Saturday, January 19, 2013

This made me happy

Got a call this week, out of the blue, from an old buddy. We used to work together and were very close. But then we got each got new jobs in different parts of the Loop, he got married and moved to the suburbs, and then he had a baby, we just drifted farther and farther apart.

But he's always been a wonderful guy, very genuine and sweet. So when I got the message --  "Wondered where your Christmas card was this year! Missed seeing your kitty-cat card." -- I was glad to hear that he sounded like the same person he's always been. We talked for about half an hour, mostly about the 14-month-old son he completely adores.

I'm also glad that I was so wrong five years ago about his marriage. I'm always sure I know best for the people I care about. This time I most certainly did not. He's very happy and content. Which is just what a guy like him deserves!

Saturday 9

1) Has anyone ever told you that you resemble a celebrity? I used to hear that I looked like Julie from The Love Boat. I think it's because we wore our hair the same way back in those long-ago days.
2) Is there an actress or actor whose movies you make it a point to see? Bruce Willis! I have always loved him, since Moonlighting. Though I missed Looper, I did see (and love) Moonrise Kingdom and there's a new Die Hard coming out soon. And Leonardo DiCaprio, though I won't see D'jango Unchained. I found Inglorious Basterds really disturbing and that turned me off Quentin Tarentino.
3) We're stopping for refreshments before we go in to see the movie. What's your refreshment stand order? Lately it's popcorn. It used to be Goobers or Raisinettes.

4) When did you last consume an alcoholic beverage? What was it? Last night it was Miller Time. It was the first liquor I've had since New Year's Eve/Day. With my cold I didn't feel like drinking.

5) Are you jumpy? Do you startle easily? Yes. I'm a writer, and at work, when I'm lost in thought, I lose track of my surroundings. My boss thinks it's amusing to make me jump. 

6) Do you wear a watch? Yes. I switch them out a lot.
7) When was the last time you tried a new restaurant? New Year's Eve. It was delicious. If you're ever in Key West, I recommend The Grand Cafe.
8) What color is your wallet? Brown 
9) How much does it have in coins right now? Now, see, that would entail getting up and grabbing my purse and that is simply not going to happen just now. I can say it has no quarters. I take them out all the time and set them aside for laundry.