Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm not making this up!

Last night, in celebration of my best friend's birthday, we hung around in the hotel bar for a while, consuming a platter of mini-sliders while he caught the end of the Denver-LA play-off game. (It was his celebration, so he got to make all the decisions.) Then we moved on to Eno, the wine/cheese/chocolate salon located in his hotel. We closed the place.

At Eno, you sample a flight of cheeses or chocolates, along with wine paired specifically for your selections. Since we were celebrating a birthday -- and chocolate is closer to conventional cake and ice cream than cheese is -- we stuck with the chocolate. After reviewing the menu and the samples in the display case, I decided that I had to have the caramel apple cinnamon truffle, centerpiece of a recently-added chocolate flight. (I was right, it was divine!) Included in that flight were a fine, but not that memorable truffle and ... are you ready for this? -- a bacon and dark chocolate truffle.

I've been carefully tracking my eating at The Daily Plate, but yesterday I didn't even bother. Yes, that online food diary has the calorie and nutrition listings for many, many dishes, but I bet not even they know how to calculate a dessert that consisted of bacon and dark chocolate and champagne.

Really. Who knew such a thing even existed?