Saturday, December 05, 2009

Happy birthday to me (part 9)

My friend Kathy has been under the radar lately, having very little contact with me or our friend John. She's had a lot of personal, professional and financial problems and had to move in with her daughter, son-in-law and grandkids. She says that she'll be in touch again, once "she turns a corner."

That's why I was so surprised and pleased that she sent me a birthday card with a ticket to this event at our church. It was funny and interesting and I'm glad I went. I'll shoot her an email after I finish this post.

While I had fun, I believe this is IT, the last hurrah of Galfest 2009.

Happy birthday to me (part 8)

My friend Kathleen and I celebrated one another's birthday last night. (Hers is right before Christmas, so this is about midway between.) We had shrimp bisque and oysters for dinner and then went to a community playhouse production of Little Women. Then we stopped for drinks and exchanged our gifts.

I love Little Women. Jo was one of my first-ever heroines, and it always makes me happy to see her come to life. I also love spending time with Kathleen. She has a real life -- a flawed but loving marriage, terrific but flawed kids, and a fulfilling but stressful job. She's a good friend, so I'm happy to see what a satisfying life she has built for herself.