Thursday, July 03, 2014

Gee, thanks, Dan!

Went to the health club today for my usual afternoon workout and to schedule my next training session. I've had a hard time reaching Alex, my new trainer, but I wanted to be sure I got on his calendar.

I sought out Dan. He's in charge of the trainers and the personal training program, and we have talked in the past. Dan's the first one I spoke to after I found myself disappointed with Alex, and Dan helped me get through to Alex and improve our relationship.

Today Dan was very chatty and charming as his fingers danced across the keys and he accessed Alex's schedule. He booked me two weeks out because he reminded that consistency is important to results. I told him I was grateful for the attention he was giving me, and said I didn't want to fall back into bad habits.

"If we don't ride you, you'll end up just strolling on the treadmill, not pushing yourself and watching General Hospital," he said with a smile. "I know because I grew up with someone like you. You remind me of my mom."


Dan looks to be about 30. So I could easily be his mother. I don't doubt the reasonableness of what he said. I just didn't like hearing it.