Friday, April 28, 2023

Saturday 9

 Saturday 9: Promises, Promises (1983)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this week's song, Naked Eyes lead singer Pete Byrne admits he believed his girl's promises, right from the start, but now he knows he should have been more careful with his heart. Do you consider yourself more trusting or skeptical? I've become more skeptical with time.
2) He looks back on when he and his girl laughed like kids. When did you recently literally laugh out loud (opposed to keystroking LOL)? "60% of the time it works every time." I just watched reporter Brian Fantana (Anchorman) explain his choice of cologne.

3) He accuses her of not being able to finish what she starts. How about you? Do you finish what you start, or can you think of projects that you're unlikely to ever complete? I have a list of things to do around here, but it sometimes seems adding to the list is as far as I get.

4) Naked Eyes was a British New Wave band who had four Top 40 singles, including "Promises, Promises." They never toured 40 years ago because it was difficult to recreate their synthesizer-driven sound onstage. Is there a band or singer you would have liked to have seen perform live, but never did? Sinatra or Elvis.
5) While "Promises, Promises" is about an untrustworthy lover, Peter Byrne says he and bandmate/cowriter Rob Fisher worked well together because they knew they could trust one another professionally. By sharing honest assessments of creative ideas, they knew Naked Eyes would never put out "rubbish." If you want an honest opinion on something important, where do you turn? It depends on the subject. Different friends have different strengths.

6) Madonna was a Naked Eyes fan. Are you a Madonna fan? Not in the slightest.

7) In 1983, when this song was on the radio, the Lotus 1-2-3 program made it easier for PC users to build spreadsheets. Are you answering these questions on a PC or a Mac? Laptop or desktop? Android or iPhone? MacBook Air.
8) Also in 1983, America West Airlines took off for the first time, taking passengers from Las Vegas to Phoenix. Where did you go on your first flight? What about your most recent flight? First flight: O'Hare to Fort Lauderdale. Most recent: Los Angeles to O'Hare.

9) Random question -- Finish this statement: If I knew then what I know now, I would have worked harder for, and contributed more money to, Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign. I just never believed anyone would look at that narcissistic reality show host and say, "YES! He deserves access to the nuclear codes." I was wrong. We cannot let this happen ever again.

Gentle souls preparing to peacefully tour the Capitol


But am I "the kindest and most thoughtful?"

My auntie thinks so. Two weeks ago, when I was on vacation in Hollywood, she was admitted to the hospital with mysterious and crippling pain in her gut. It was duodenal diverticulosis and emergency surgery was required. She was frightened and in a great deal of pain, both before and after her surgery.

I called her hospital in Sarasota. She mentioned in her text message that her condition was rather rare, so I didn't want to bother any of her team while they were giving care. I just asked them to 1) let her know I called and 2) the exact address I could send where I could send a floral arrangement.

I changed my mind and went with this plant. I knew she was likely to be in the hospital for a long while I didn't like thinking of her stuck in bed, watching the flowers die. I'm glad I did it. The plant made her happy, and that's when she declared me "the kindest and most thoughtful" person she knows. I think it was especially important to her because she's estranged from her oldest son and two of her grandchildren

I was feeling guilty that I didn't stop to see her when I was in Tampa in February. I just couldn't. She is so proudly MAGA, so loudly racist and homophobic, and can't resist being provocative. But now here she is, 77 and in crisis, and I missed a recent opportunity to spend time with her. 

But then she started posting to social media from her hospital bed. She was upset about Tucker Carlson's dismissal, going on about how he was the victim of the brainless woke mob. Now this isn't true. But that doesn't stop her from spreading misinformation.

I didn't engage her. She's sick and she's medicated and I'm not going to let Fox News come between us at a time like this.

But I'm also no longer sorry I didn't spend time with her earlier this year. It wouldn't have gone well. I don't think she'd still think I'm "the kindest and most thoughtful" if we had. Better that I hold her tight but at arm's length. 

May is almost upon us -- that's Mother's Day and her birthday. I have a package here and I'll drop it in the mail on Monday. It's a pair of books I think she'll like and a little get well present. I know she misses her son and grandkids a lot this time of year and I'll try to fill the void. From a distance.