Friday, April 03, 2009

In Review

My favorite spa treatment was the Mud Body Massage. First I was covered in crushed grape seeds (high in Vitamin E and C) and then clay was massaged all over my body. It drew the toxins from deep within my skin, then the mixture was rinsed away in a Vichy shower (shown above). The final step was a massage with moisturizer. My skin felt soooooo soft. I loved it!

The hot stone massage, the facial and the hand/foot reflexology treatment were yummy, too.

I also enjoyed the mimosas with lunch. The robe and slippers I never had to change out of it I didn't feel like it. The chocolates on my pillow every night. The courtesy car that was always available to take me anywhere on the grounds. The free room service and the meals included in the spa package. Drinking wine with dinner that was made right there on site. The quiet time that got me through 21 chapters of the book I'm reading. And what's not to love about sipping champagne during a pedi? I think living in such luxury might get boring after a while, but I'd be willing to perform an experiment to see how long it would take. (All in the name of science and research to better my fellow man, of course.)

Even though I have spoken to my mom everyday, and she sounds better and more positive with each call, I still slept fitfully. The wackiest dream from the last few days involves my uncle. He was married to Rue McClanahan, Blanche of The Golden Girls, and they were both furious about something I tweeted on Twitter. I have no idea what it's symbolic of, and I don't care. It's just too odd.