Thursday, October 31, 2019

October Challenge -- Day 31

I'm joining Ms. Kwiz for her October blogging challenge.

Day 31: Favorites for Halloween

My best trick-or-treat memories ...

•  My favorite candy was Mary Janes. My mom couldn't find them in any store -- and, come to think of it, she wasn't one for having candy in the house anyway -- so the only time I got them was trick-or-treating, or at the penny candy store we visited on our way to the little lake house we visited every year. My older sister thought I was a geek for loving Mary Janes, so she willingly traded them for my chocolate. (I thought she was dumb; you can get chocolate any time.)

•  The convent gave popcorn balls wrapped in blue cellophane. That was pretty cool. But even better, after they ran out of popcorn balls they handed out quarters. I could buy a Beatles 45 rpm record for $1 or a copy of 16 magazine for 35¢, so that quarter helped bring me closer to Sir Paul.