Thursday, January 01, 2015

New year, fresh start

I spent about two hours today going through stuff. I filled a major cardboard box with books that didn't grab or hold my attention, DVDs I won't watch, cassette tapes that I'll never play again, glassware that I never use, and, just to fill up the box, a couple of t-shirts and a pair of pale (really pale) blue jeans that don't fit me and that I wouldn't wear even if they did.

It was really rather easy and not at all painful. I did most of it while on the phone, catching up with my oldest friend. She supported me by reminding me that stuff doesn't have feelings so stuff doesn't care that I'm giving it away, and by parting with the stuff, maybe someone else will be able to enjoy it.

The only downside to this adventure is that even without the box full of stuff, my home still looks overstuffed.

Oh well, it's a start. And a good one. Tomorrow the box goes to Goodwill.