Monday, September 04, 2017

And so I shall consider the weekend a success

I really haven't done anything all weekend. Four days of yawning nothingness. And I feel a little guilty about that ... Like I should have done more, or at least wanted to do more. But that's not the fact of it. If I could take Tuesday off to just hang out around the house, reading and watching bad TV and farting around on the internet, I would. Gladly.

But here are some highlights of my four days:

•  I am healthy. My doctor says so, and Transamerica Insurance thinks I'm a good bet to make it at least a few more years, as they approved my application for a 20-year level-term policy. So I got that going for me.

• I remembered to rotate my mattress. When you have a foam/pillow top, you're supposed to rotate it, not flip it, four times a year. This was my autumnal rotation.

• Four for $25! Sunglasses were on sale at Kohl's! I actually got four pairs for what I expected to pay for one! Must remember this for next Labor Day, as I was told they traditionally clear out their summer stock for the new fall looks this weekend. For I love sunglasses, but I'm very hard on them -- I either break them or scratch them or leave them on the el.

•  Pat Hughes. Listening to games is such a joy because the radio voice of the Chicago Cubs is so completely awesome.

•  Hot fudge sundae. There's a tiny seasonal ice cream shop on the other side of town. I realized that summer was over and I hadn't stopped by. And so I did.

Reposted in Tribute to Jerry Lewis: 1926-2017

Saturday, September 05, 2015

I miss the sumbitch

I used to love the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon. The plate spinners, the ventriloquists, the lounge singers performing "Guantanamera" ... it was a smorgasbord of tacky and I adored it. Especially Jerry himself.

I was hypnotized by the greasy hair, the tux and pinky ring. Jerry mugged and wept and insulted people. (I remember the year I heard him call a cameraman a "fag" and wondered if anyone else caught it.) He laughed at his own gauche hilarity. And he sang "You'll Never Walk Alone" to kids who will never walk at all.

Oh, and the crazy bastard raised more than $2 billion. He deserves more credit for that than he gets. He's nearly 90 now and has suffered a litany of health problems himself. Wherever he is this weekend, God bless him.