Friday, August 31, 2012

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 31

Today's Happiness: a healthy Charlotte. It took me ten minutes to chase her from room to room and finally herd her into the carrier. She was paralyzed with fear all the way to the vet and throughout her exam. The vet reported that all of her vital signs are fine and asked when the smoke detector went off and terrified her. "Tuesday," said I. "Oh," he said, "so it hasn't even been a week yet."
A week? A week!
He told me that he wouldn't be surprised if she remained confused and upset for two weeks. Looking at her file, he said, "If she's not more social when you bring her in for her shots in October, we'll do some tests."

OCTOBER?! He said it's not unusual for cats to do this to themselves. I've never encountered it in a lifetime of feline ownership, but he's a vet and it's his job to know this stuff.

And, it turns out, he was right. The HORROR of going to the vet was so ginormous that Charlotte forgot the mere terror of the smoke detector going off and she's been fine all afternoon.

I'm so relieved!

And thank you to the ladies who asked after her:


Reading the good wishes was a happiness moment, too!


My poor girl!

I'm taking Charlotte to the vet this morning. It's going to be a gruesome experience.

She hates going outside under the best circumstances, and these are not the best.

First of all, it's going to be hot outside. Secondly, something is up with the old girl. It's true she's always been skittish, but she has always been affectionate and lively around me. Since Tuesday, though, she has been afraid of me. It's painful to see her spending her days hiding under the bed.

I opened the door to the bathroom too soon after my shower and the heat/steam set off the smoke detector. It's sent her into a tailspin of terror. Last night she crawled into bed with me and curled up on the pillow beside me. When I pet her she was fine, but as soon as I rose I became scary again.

We're going to the vet today for a second treatment of her seasonal allergies. I hope that's all that's wrong with her. I'd hate to think she's losing her sense of reason because of something more serious.

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 30

Today's Happiness: my pedicure. Nearly a week old and it still looks great. Looking at my pretty toes does indeed make me happy, and I'm glad it should last until I switch back to closed-toe shoes.