Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Shall Prevail

Every year the USPS sponsors a food drive. This year it's on May 8. It's a fabulously simple and effective idea -- on Saturday morning you put non-perishable food out, labeled for the food drive, and your mail carrier delivers your mail and carries off your contribution.

Except in my building.

My feisty and possibly crazy old neighbor picks through the donations and takes what he wants. He's not needy, he's hostile. In addition to stealing from the poor, he has been known to steal my newspapers and key another neighbor's car.

But this year I believe I have outsmarted him. For every time I go to the grocery store, between now and May 8, I will pick up baby food. So far I have bananas, prunes and oatmeal. It will help the hungry families and it will thwart my nasty old neighbor.


Why didn't I do this earlier?

For just $20/year, I can listen to Cubs games on my computer all season! (In a building as tall as this one, AM radio reception never works.) I love the team of Cubs great Ron Santo and Pat Hughes, and hearing them call a game is always fun, regardless of what happens on the field.

Kelly Kapowski is pregnant

Tiffani Thiessen is now 36 years old and due very soon. I learned when I stopped at the magazine stand because I knew I recognized the woman on the cover of Pregnancy magazine. I wonder how Zach feels about this. I imagine a sit-down with Mr. Belding is in order.