Monday, March 22, 2010

The Ex-Files

At night the stars put on a show for free
And darling, you can share it all with me ...

This morning, as I rode the train to work, I had my iPod on shuffle and James Taylor's version of that song came drifting through my headphones. An unexpected memory popped into my head:

An old boyfriend and I, in the old-fashioned tub from my old apartment. This same song was on my shower radio while we were messing around. I remember being cold because it took longer to fill the tub than he was willing to wait. I also remember being amused that he was so excited about doing it in the tub. I mean, it's hardly exotic. Made me wonder how repressed my predecessors had been, but I liked feeling like a wanton enchantress.

That relationship wasn't successful, but it had its sweet moment, duly noted, and then I returned to my morning paper and reading about new Cubs' pitcher Carlos Silva.

I got off the train and headed through the lobby of my office building -- an 80+ story beheamoth that's clearly visible on the skyline and from planes overhead -- I saw him.

The Bathtub Boyfriend!

He lives in Michigan now, but he must have been back in Chicago, and in my office building, on business. I saw him in the Italian coffee shop, staring at the menu board. It was him alright. He always took his coffee very seriously. Plus he has a distinctive profile with a sharp nose and I remembered the bald spot he was so embarrassed about.

I didn't say anything to him because 1) I feel fat and 2) we never had that much in common when we were dressed, so what would we talk about now and 3) I was running really late.

But how weird is it that I happened to see him ... today ... in one of the world's tallest buildings ... less than 15 minutes after hearing "our song" on my iPod?

PS I found him on Twitter and he tweeted today at lunchtime that he was headed home "from Chicago; great meeting, tho brief & tiring."

Two weeks from today

At this time I will be in the air, flying to Newport News airport for my Colonial Williamsburg vacation.

Creature of habit that I am, this is my annual spa trip -- that time in spring when I traditionally renew and rejuvenate by going off by myself for pampering, relaxation and reflection. I've never been to this particular resort before, but I already have my treatments planned.

• Colonial sweet bath. An 18th-century ritual of bathing in a mingling of herbs, flowers, and essence of lemon.

• Williamsburg massage. A personalized blend of aromatic oils is used in this popular Swedish massage to relax, nourish, and balance the body.

• Custom facial.
Gentle deep cleansing, exfoliation, and toning is followed by a relaxing face, neck, and shoulder massage with botanical serums.

• Virginia Springs ritual.*
Conditioning mud, aromatherapy salts, and our signature lotion.

• Colonial pedicure.
Almond Butter products created exclusively for The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg. Nail shaping and polish included.

• Hot stone massage.
Using smooth, warmed stones, this deeply soothing massage relaxes tight muscles and your entire being. Stone massage therapy dates back 5,000 years. It was believed that placing hot stones in a cloth and arranging them along the body’s energy centers would encourage healing.

* I also get a Virginia Springs kit to take home, as well use of the fitness center and pool when I'm there.

Oh well, now that I have indulged in a dreamy interlude into the future, it's back to the present -- and the life-on-the-razor's-edge world of credit card marketing.
After all, I need to earn shekels to pay for my trip!

Rep. Randy Neugebauer is an ass


A Republican congressman from Texas on Monday admitted he shouted “baby killer” from the House floor as Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., defended his change of position on health care legislation on Sunday. But Rep. Randy Neugebauer said that his remark was a comment on the bill itself and not directed at the Michigan lawmaker.