Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Challenge -- Catch Up

Day 22 -- Do you collect anything? When did you start?
It's not by design, but I have accumulated a lot of pop culture mementos from the 1960s. It's called "mid century modern" now. It's inspired by my fascination with the Kennedy Presidency and my passion for the Beatles. JFK won election in 1960, the Beatles broke up in 1970, so they provide rather neat bookends for me.

Day 23 -- Who is your favorite artist? What style of art?
Thomas McKnight. I discovered him in the 1990s when he was commissioned by the Clintons for one of their official White House Christmas card. I love the details he chooses to include. The work is also interesting without being cluttered, and I always feel like someone just left the scene or is about to enter. Even without people, he tells a story by setting the scene with such care. I have two of of his prints in my livingroom and another in my bedroom.

Day 24 -- Where are you going next?
Ouch! This is the time of year when I should be on vacation and I'm not because I can't afford to go spa-ing and redo my bathroom. So this question kinda hurts. I do have three trips planned for this years: October in Los Angeles, November in Vegas and Christmas in Key West. So I suppose I should just grow up and shut up.

Day 25 -- Share something you saw on social media that caught your eye.

"Old white people are drowning in despair and rage. Here's how my father lost his mind -- thanks to his cable diet." It was an interesting article in Salon and helps explain how people who should know better (those who remember The Depression and Korea and McCarthyism and 1968) steadfastly insist that the country is in worse shape than ever before. It's because Fox tells them that it is, 24/7/365.


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Weekend Update

Let's see now ... What did I do over the weekend?

Saturday I got up early headed over to the vet and restocked the larder with prescription catfood. Then I got my new futon pad. $280, including delivery, which will be this weekend.

Sunday I didn't do much of anything. Went to church, had a nice scrambled-eggs-minced-ham breakfast at the other coffee shop (my favorite one was packed solid), did laundry and vegged out. My oldest friend kept emailing me. She's coming unglued because her trip to California has turned out to be such a disaster. I was happy to be there for her, and I hoped I helped but this is not new news. She needs to make her life work. She couldn't wait to get the Chicagoland dust off her feet and head out west for a new start. Now all the wants to do is come back to the very place where she was so unhappy. I don't get it. She really needs her shrink to help her work all this through.

The above doesn't sound like very much, but it left me beat. Sitting in this clown car of an office, having to be relentlessly perky, every day all week, is wearing me down. I want to be still. I want to be quiet. I want to be left alone. If you don't have fur, I don't really want anything to do with you.

I just feel weighed down ... by weight and by stuff. I have to get myself in better shape, get my financial house in order, get my home livable.

We need to have some changes made around here, and I'm the only one who can do it!

A little stuck

I haven't posted much lately because I haven't felt like examining what's going on in my life. Nothing is bad. Nothing is wrong. I just feel stuck. Weighted down and stuck.

I have to take action and get myself unstuck. Nobody's going to do it for me.