Friday, June 26, 2009

It cuts like a knife. He's out of our lives.

Michael Jackson died yesterday. But in a way, he died for me years ago. Disappearing noses … alabaster skin … Neverland Ranch … Baby dangling … Slipping in and out of limos while wearing a surgical mask … most disturbingly, the sleepovers with little boys. It was like deja Elvis, only slower and more grotesque.

But how I loved his music! That's the Michael I followed for decades. That's the Michael on my iPod. That's the Michael I both mourn and celebrate.

I Want You Back
Stop! The Love You Save
I'll Be There
Got to Be There
I Wanna Be Where You Are*
Rock with You
The Way You Make Me Feel
Billie Jean
Beat It
Black or White
The Man in the Mirror

And, most fittingly, Gone Too Soon.

*I love to sing along with him when I'm all alone.