Saturday, February 20, 2021

Sunday Stealing

Coronavirus Questions

In the past year have you–

1. Gone without a bra? Not unless I was in my pjs.

2. Skipped making your bed? Haven't made my bed regularly since my mom gave up on trying to make me.

3. Ordered groceries to be delivered? Yes

4. Cooked a real meal? Yes, but not well.

5. Spent the day in pajamas? I actually had covid. I think I spent five weeks in my pajamas.(Anyone who tells you covid is "just the flu" is not your friend.)

6. Skipped shaving your legs? Yes.

7. Spent hours on Instagram or Pinterest? No

8. Eaten in a restaurant? Less than 10 times in the last year. I miss it.

9. Skipped washing your hair? Not more than two days. Even when I was sick, I tried to shower. It reliably makes me feel better.

10. Not folded the laundry? No. I did go weeks without doing laundry when I was sick, but if I do wash my clothes I always fold them right away.

11. Worked a puzzle? No. Though I have two right here. My friend Kathy loves to do puzzles and so she sends them to me. She means well. This reminds me: I must call her. (And when things open up a bit more, I'll take the puzzles to Goodwill so someone else can enjoy them.)

12. Had Zoom calls? I work on Zoom. I worship on Zoom. My movie group meets on Zoom. My friend Joanna prefers Zoom to the phone. So yes, I've had Zoom calls.

13. Written letters? Yeah, but I did that before the pandemic.

14. Binge watched a TV show? Yeah, but I did that before the pandemic, too.

15.Gone barefoot? Yeah, but guess what: I did that before the pandemic, too. I'm just a barefoot, binge-watching letter writer!


February Blog Challenge -- Day 20


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20) What do you need today (not what do you need to do today)? What is one way you can give yourself some extra self care today?

I'm going to treat myself to carry out all weekend (as weather permits). I have been eating out of my refrigerator and pantry because I'm trying to save money ... and because we should try to stay home during this pandemic ... and because of the snow and cold. But I really am a terrible cook, who is even worse at clean up. I need to do this for myself. I need to feel sun on my (masked) face. I need to look at a menu and choose something yummy. I need to not scrub the George Foreman grill.