Thursday, December 31, 2015

Celebrating at home

So there were three final Christmas celebrations of 2015 ...

La familia. December 27 at my sister's house. A little awkward, as it always is when it involves us sibs. But it was lovely to be around my niece and nephew, and my niece's new fella. She's so happy with him! And my nephew is so idealistically and passionately into Bernie Sanders. In these crazy, Trump-dominated days, it's refreshing to talk to a young person so optimistic about both the system and the future. Unfortunately, my sister had made a very spicy pasta dish which was the catalyst for the final gut busting incident that sent me to the doctor on Monday.

The old gang. On Tuesday evening, Mindy, her hubs, John and I met at Miller's Pub again this year. Fortunately they serve breakfast all day/any time and I was able to have some nice, bland eggs. The gift exchange was fun, and it was neat to catch up. It's funny what happens when we get together -- I end up talking to her husband, she concentrates on John. With each passing year, more and more people seem to treat John and me as a couple, and we're sort of slipping into the pattern, as well. Just call us Will and Grace.

Girl talk. Then on the 30th I met up with Kathleen at a nice little local diner. We had a wonderful time. She enjoyed her gifts -- an ornament depicting her and husband and a signed copy of Jimmy Carter's memoir -- and I got a kick out of mine. She somehow actually found Beatles nesting dolls, imported from Russia! And again, I was able to coddle my tummy with chicken (chicken soup and chicken breast).

OH, HOW I HOPE I'M ON THE MEND! I had thought this would be the Christmas dominated by my worries about my dear old cat, Joey. He has, gratefully, turned out to be a very merry and mellow chap this season. Instead, it's been all about my gut.