Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Whew! That's a relief!

This post is accompanied by an image of saltines, and this gal's consumption of saltines can mean only one thing: TUMMY TROUBLE!

My digestive system has been bedeviling me for nearly a week now ... since December 23, as a matter of fact. While it was never constant, and didn't impinge on my vacation, I did see a rather startling color in the bowl. The duration and the oddness of it scared me enough to send me to the doctor's office yesterday.

My doctor did not automatically dismiss me out of hand. That scared me. Instead of just giving me industrial strength Immodium and sending me home, she called for lab work. Because I'd been traveling, she assumed it was just some virus I picked up (probably at one of the airports), but since I take NSAIDs for headaches and a statin for my cholesterol, she wanted to make sure it wasn't my liver. So she requested a blood panel.

Liver disease/damage is scary. Wasn't happy to hear that at all.

But she just called with the results. A-OK!

I'm to stick to a bland diet and no booze through the weekend -- which will kinda harsh the remaining holiday celebrations on my calendar. And if, by Sunday, I'm still having tummy trouble, she wants a stool sample (she sent me home with a bowl/bottle set that I most emphatically don't want to use). But none of this really bothers me so much because I don't want to have liver disease/damage.

So right now, I'm a happy gal.


  1. Thank goodness! Some good news for you to start the new year.

  2. I hope it's nothing serious!


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