Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm it!

Kwizgiver tagged me for the 7 Random and/or Weird Facts about Me meme.

First the facts …

1. Mary Jane peanut butter kisses are my favorite non-chocolate candy.

2. I hate doing laundry, but it's the only domestic chore I'm really good at. I can get just about any stain out of almost any piece of clothing.

3. I suck at the Pogo game Turbo 21, yet I play it compulsively.

4. I must like Tom Selleck. I don't consciously think of him often, I'm not sexually attracted to him, and I've never seen him on Vegas, but I must like him because I have a recurring dream where he rescues me from a burning car. I wish I knew what/who he represents to my subconscious.

5. My cat Charlotte is named for Charlotte Anne from the movie A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries.

6. I think just about every man is more attractive in a jacket and tie.

7. I still believe Patsy Ramsey killed JonBenet.

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Give Me 5 Monday -- #2


1. Roller coaster. I especially like the old-fashioned wooden ones because the clacky sound as you ascend toward the top is louder and scarier.

2. Disney Monorail. Yes, I know it's not as exciting as the other rides, but it gives you a chance to look out onto the entire Magic Kingdom.

3. The Scrambler. I love how thrillingly helpless I feel as I'm flung from one side of the car to the other.

4. The Tilt-a-Whirl. Just the opposite of the Scrambler. I enjoy coordinating with my ridemates in an attempt to achieve the perfect tilt and whirl.

5. The Log Ride. Where you splash down into the water. These are great for cooling off on a hot day.

For more information, or to play along yourself, visit mememistress Becca.