Thursday, February 21, 2008

In praise of Miss Thing

I have recently blogged about my big, fat old tomcat, Joey. He has a heart of gold and I adore him. I have blogged often about Reynaldo, the skinny beige comedian/trial from God. But I haven't said much about Charlotte, and she deserves her own post.

When I don't feel well, Charlotte is my galpal. A gentle comfort who keeps me company with her consistent purr and presence beside me on the sofa. She likes to be still, except to give me a kiss every now and again.

For one so small, she is remarkably adept at getting her own way with Joey and Reynaldo. She gets her food first. She decides who grooms her, who she will groom, and who she will play with and when. I admire how courageously imperious she can be, especially since she has no muscle, no claws and not even a tail to back it up.