Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The boys in blue aren't hitting

My Cubs are in Arizona, where the games don't start until 8:05 (CST). The pitchers are doing just fine but the bats are SOOOOO COOOOOLD!

Last night, between the end of the game and dawn, I came down with a fierce attack of gastrointestinal discomfort. I only put in 3 hours at the office today because I feel tired, weak and just plain icky. Tonight's game is neither awakening my appetite nor energizing me. I still have the Pepto tablets at my side.

Is there a connection between my team's long, scoreless innings on the road and my nausea? Maybe so.

Ten on Tuesday


As they occurred to me:

1) Donald Trump
2) Madonna
3) Elizabeth Hasselbeck
4) Dr. Phil
5) Katherine Heigl
6) Paris Hilton
7) Kathie Lee Gifford
8) Jack Nicholson
9) Scarlett Johanssen
10) Celine Dion

To play along yourself, or to see who other bloggers named, click here.

Happy Birthday, Bobby Sherman

There was a brief time when this blue-eyed boy replaced Paul McCartney as my dream lover. My fantasy infidelity took place during 1969 and 1970, when Paul and the other Beatles were growing mustaches, getting married, getting busted, breaking up … in short, turning into complicated adult men. Scary!

Then there was Bobby Sherman.* A sweet-faced and completely non-threatening boy with great hair. He played the vulnerable, stuttering youngest brother on ABC's Here Come the Brides. He sang harmless pop confections like "Little Woman," "Easy Come, Easy Go," and (my fave) "Julie, Do 'Ya Love Me."

Today he turns 65. He deserves a happy birthday in exchange for all the hours of romantic, junior high bliss he gave me, whether on TV, from the turntable, or in the pages of Tiger Beat.

* David Cassidy deserves a mention here, too.