Monday, December 07, 2009

I can't decide

Diane or Mariska? Mariska or Diane? Which would I rather look like?
I'd settle for either one. Please, Santa. Grant my wish and let me wake up on Christmas morning looking like either of these women, and I promise I'll never ask for anything again.

Movie Monday

This week's movie topic is all about Black and White Pictures. Share on your blog those color-free flicks that stop you in your tracks and link back here at
The Bumbles.

These are just the first three that sprang to mind:

A Hard Day's Night. The Beatles first movie introduces us to their personae (The Smart One, The Cute One, The Quiet One and The Funny One) and closes with a truly terrific concert sequence. Mandatory viewing for anyone who wonders what all the fuss was about.

My Man Godfrey. Made in the mid-1930s, this movie is just as funny and just as relevant today. It's an inspired screwball comedy filled with unforgettable characters, dialog that's snappy and silly and elegant all at once, and a dollop of social consciousness. Carole Lombard is luminous and wildly funny and, while to my knowledge no one ever clocked her, I think this movie could have earned her the title of (literally) The World's Fastest-Talking Leading Lady.

Some Like It Hot. The movie where Marilyn/Sugar admits to once having sold kisses for the milk fund and shares her philosophy of life: "It's not how long it takes, it's who's taking you." It's good, ridiculous, escapist fun … and will leave you appreciating anew what a funny, funny girl Marilyn was.