Monday, March 08, 2010

Turns out he's broke

My uncle, that is. As near as anyone can tell, he's blown through $2 million in the last two years.

He can't travel, he hasn't given much away, and no, it wasn't heavy stock market losses. I dearly wish it was one of those things, because the truth just confirms my fears that his mind is tapioca.

He blew it gambling
at the Grand Victoria Casino.

He won't go to doctors, he hasn't monitored his health, but he can somehow make it to the slots.

While the mental deterioration this indicates scares me, I'm also ambivalent about it. Because I am still going to promise him that his beloved Bennie, an aloof old gray tabby, is forever comfortable and welcome in my home. And this will be one of the first things I've been able to do for him that he knows is because I love him and appreciate the kindnesses he has shown me over the years, not because I'm trying to get into the will.

I have a magnet on my refrigerator that says, "My family is a freak show without the tent." I feel that way these days. I really do.

Movie Monday

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This week's movie topic is all about Oscar...

Last night's show provided no surprises as far as who won, but the show itself did surprise and delight me. Most of the nominees were actually there, looking fine and behaving like good sports. (Remember the year when Russell Crowe just sat there like a gloomy gus?) The John Hughes tribute montage was lovely. And most of all, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin and Neil Patrick Harris were so irreverent they were downright subversive. From NPH's song:

Why wouldn't Crosby give up Hope?
Why does Harold call Kumar when he scores dope?

And why does a prisoner drop the soap?
'Cause no one wants to do it alone

So go, go Baldwin and Martin
The biggest pair since Dolly Parton

The show's really started

And no one wants to do it alone