Sunday, September 02, 2007

Is my secret safe with you?

It's not fashionable for a cynical, potty-mouthed Gal like me to admit, but I completely LOVE Julie Andrews. She's pretty, she's clever, she's energetic (just ask the nuns who tried to solve a problem like Maria), she has those incomparable pipes and she's so very, very good. I finished the heinous project I brought home from work and did yet another load of laundry. Now I'm going to reward myself by just sitting here, watching the Sound of Music and admiring how Julie manages to personify all that is good in the world. But please don't tell anyone how desperately corny I can be.

Isn't this gorgeous?

Just look at that D. Lee swing!

Today's game didn't start out very well. At one point it was 5-1 Houston. But with Sweet Lou at the helm, no game is over until we say it's over! A two-run 6th, another run in the 7th, and oh that Derek Lee two-out, two-run homer in the 8th! As Lou just said, "It's fun to win baseball games this way."

I listened to most of the game on the radio, and that reminds me how much I love Cubs great/WGN color commentator Ron Santo. One of the joys of lasting into the post-season is knowing I can listen to Ronnie deeper into the fall, and hear more of his patented permutations of "Gee." "Oh, geez!" "Geez Louise." "Geez, no!" "Aw … geeeeeeez …"

Unconscious Mutterings #9

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Scrabble :: Board
  2. NyQuil :: Sleep
  3. Roadtrip :: Expressway
  4. Idiot :: Dumb
  5. Bandages :: First-Aid
  6. Series :: TV
  7. Summer :: Suntan lotion
  8. Prompt :: Quick
  9. September :: "Ba-de-ya, dancing in September, ba-de-ya, never was a cloudy day."
  10. Chicken :: shit
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