Saturday, August 25, 2007


I found this over at Kwizgiver's place.

Band? The Lads (aka Beatles)
Singer? Broooooce (Springsteen)
Actor? Bruce Willis
Actress? Julia Roberts
Movie? The Way We Were
Music Video? If This Is It (Huey buried to his head in the sand)
Color? Blue
Animal? Domestic: Cat; Wild: Okapi
Person? My best friend
Lip gloss flavor? Strawberry
Flavor? Chocolate!
Drink? Coke
Food? Burgers
Song? "I Will" from The White Album
Pizza Topping? Sausage
Memory? Waking up because my then-boyfriend was hugging me so tight in his sleep. It was very sweet.
Alcoholic beverage? Cosmo
Game? Baseball
Video Game? Parachute on my iPod
Author? Just one? That's hard ... Right now I'm reading a lot of chick lit by Marian Keys
Artist? McKnight
Class? Oh Puh-leeez! I'm too old for this!
Place to be? Tucked in the corner of my sofa
Thing to do? Quiet time
Person to talk to? My best friend or my mom (depends on the topic)
Messenger Service? Fed Ex
Toy as a child? My Lassie Dog
Toy as a non-child? My iPod
Kind of jewelry? Rings
Size bed? Full or Queen
Hair color on a guy? Dark
Hair color on a girl? Hmm ... don't care, actually
Eye color on a guy? Dark
Eye color on a girl? I don't care
Part of the body on a guy? Hair
Part of the body on a girl? Hand or shoulder, because it's where her purse is and I'm always looking for new bag ideas
TV show? L&O: SVU
TV star? Mariska Hargitay
Book? JFK: Reckless Youth
Genre of movies? Romantic comedy
Genre of books? Mystery
Reality show? American Idol
Anime? Huh?
Pattern? Solid
Holiday? Christmas
Sport? Baseball
Athlete? Future Hall of Famer Greg Maddux
Teacher/Boss? Mike (my current boss)
Scent? Lovely by SJP
Soap? Don't have a favorite
Shampoo? Quantum Moisturizing Shampoo
Conditioner? Quantum Moisturizing Conditioner
Time of day? Early morning/late at night
Store? Border's
Kind of underwear? My Hanes white cotton panties (no nylon for this gal)
Kind of club? One of my friends' parties are better than any club, so I'll say "John's livingroom"
Style of clothing? Casual


Rubbing my eyes, thrilled to see it really happened!

After a thrilling Friday night of baseball, I woke up to see it all really is true!

SOLE POSSESSION OF NINTH PLACE. With his 343rd win last night, my beloved, future Hall of Famer Greg Maddux became the 9th winningest pitcher in the history of the game. It was a very hot night in Philly and he ran through more than one jersey, but he did it. The adrenaline rush inspired by a rather dirty play at second woke up the bats, and my fully-grown Precious Moments pitcher reigned supreme. Congratulations, Professor!

SOLE POSSESSION OF FIRST PLACE. The Cubs beat the Diamondbacks and rose to 1.5 games over the Brewers. And the team is doing this without Alfonso Soriano! Just imagine what happens when he returns to line-up!

Saturday Special #6

~Personal Preferences~

1. Quiet evening at home or Out on the town? My partygirl days are over, so my first impulse is to stay home. But every once in a while I like to go out on the town with friends.

2. Watch a movie or Reading a good book? Oooooo … this is such a tough one because I love them both so much! If it's a choice between watching a movie on DVD/cable or a book, I'll choose the book. But if it's actually going to the movies, sitting in a dark theater and eating Sno-Caps, I'll choose the movie.

3. Order a meal or Cooking one yourself? Ordering! So much less clean up afterward.

4. Going for a walk or Taking a ride in the car? Walking.

For more information, or to hop on board yourself, visit The Saturday Special Meme.