Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So much for demographics

Professionally, I live by good demographic data. I'm in advertising, and it's my job to try to convince you to buy … buy … buy! The more I know about you, the more carefully I can target my message. The more relevant the message is to you, the more likely you are to buy. So I count on the demographics to tell me who you are, how old you are, where you live, where you shop, etc.

My best friend is in the biz, too. He also knows how serious and important the numbers are.

Which is why the demographic profiles of "typical" Clinton and Obama supporters are so amusing. For while it might be spot-on for the rest of the country, it's got my best friend and me all wrong.

The typical Clinton supporter: older, less educated, female, most distressed by the economy, most comfortable retail environment is WAL-MART.

The typical Obama supporter: younger, college educated, male, most distressed by the war, most comfortable retail environment is Starbuck's.

Yet I (the community-college dropout, the 50-year-old woman, the one who avoids WAL-MART but doesn't flinch at the thought of Sears) is leaning toward Obama.

He (the college grad, the certified financial planner, the younger man, the one who has a Starbuck's cup epoxied to his hand) is leaning toward Clinton.

Once again I am reminded by the words of my favorite author, William Goldman: "Nobody knows anything."

Heads & Tails #13

Today's theme is the Letter C. Here is a list of my favorite things that begin with C, presented in the order they occurred to me.

Coca-Cola Classic
Cats, especially my own finicky feline, Charlotte
Calendars (the one in my kitchen is from the IFAW, the one in my office is a souvenir from my vacation in Key West)
Cold weather suits me far better than hot
Chocolate, of course
Cocktails, especially those made with vodka
Computers, especially my new MacBook
Cellphones, because my best friend is almost surgically attached to his and it makes him easier to reach
Coupons, because saving money makes me feel like I've accomplished something

For more information, or to play along yourself (and see a timeless clip of Johnny Carson), visit mememistress Skittles.