Saturday, January 19, 2008

This magic moment

I'm watching The Godfather for the umpzillionth time and during this particular viewing, I am struck by James Caan as Sonny. He is sexy and tough and confident and charismatic. It is by far his best role. He was never this good before, and certainly hasn't been this good since.

Naturally I appreciated him in Brian's Song. But there was no sex appeal or danger in his performance as doomed Chicago Bear Brian Piccolo (nor should there have been). But I never found him likable again. Not even in the movies I've seen almost as often as The Godfather and Brian's Song (those would be Misery and Elf).

I wonder how it feels to be James Caan and to see himself in The Godfather. Is it comforting to be reminded of his prime? Or does he long for days gone by?

Makes me glad that my life has not been captured on film.