Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ew! Ick!

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are everywhere promoting their second cinematic collaboration, Fool's Gold. Maybe I'm too old to respond to their appeal, but I am convinced they are both hygenically challenged. It's as though my TV is equipped with smellovision. I just know if I got within a foot of either of them, I could detect stale cigs and pot mixed with too much hair product and perspiration. The thought of them kissing makes me a little nauseous.

Enjoy Fool's Gold, moviegoers.

I Miss Him

Yesterday I watched the primary results and the Jefferson-Jackson Day speeches. Obama did well, Hillary kept pace and their speeches were fine. My candidate(s) took aim against McCain and it was spirited.

But I miss Blue Eyes. Not just because of the aforementioned eyes and the famous hair. Or the smooth accent. Or that he looks equally great in jeans or a suit. Not that those aren't reasons to miss him. Sigh …

But even more, I miss his sense of the good fight. The pugnacity. Not toward his Democratic teammates, nor toward the other party, but toward a system gone very wrong.

Caroline Kennedy famously said that in Barack Obama, she's finally found a candidate who inspires her the way her father inspired previous generations. Similarly, I miss hearing a righteously indignant voice, dreaming about things that never were and asking, "why not?" We need impractical voices like John Edwards' and Bobby Kennedy's in our politcal discourse.