Thursday, January 24, 2008

We can't help being fascinating

Last night, a friend and I had a quick dinner before going to see the latest touring company of My Fair Lady. (Yes, it was loverly.) Anyway, as we snarfed our food in 45 minutes so we could get to the theater before the curtain rose, we noticed that the couple at the next table was hanging on our every word. They were brazen about it, too. I caught the hubby's eye and he just kept staring at me!

I wasn't especially profane and our conversation wasn't especially juicy. Topics covered included:
•  My friends, who recently split
•  Her 80 year old mother's recent bicycle accident (nothing serious, but Mom's really gotta wear a helmet)
•  My lack of gray hair
•  Her 30th college reunion
•  How her husband really has to stop texting her because she doesn't know how to retrieve the messages

You know, I know us and didn't think we were all that interesting. But I guess we just have so much native charm, style and panache that it's not what we said, but how we said it. Or that those two just don't get out that much.