Sunday, August 10, 2008

DAY 10 -- August 08 Happiness Challenge

Sleeping in. I did not get out of bed until 10:15 this morning. That is SO not like me. I generally don't need a lot of sleep and used to get bored, just laying in bed doing nothing, unable to sleep. But lately I've been allowing myself the luxury of sleeping in and have begun to enjoy it. Just as there's something delicious about waking up in the morning and not NEEDING to be anywhere at a specific time, it's also a delight to let nature take its course and just wake up when my body thinks it's ready, regardless of what the clock says.

DAY 9 -- 08 August Happiness Challenge

It's no secret to anyone who even knows me slightly that I love the Beatles passionately, Paul most particularly. This weekend my oldest friend and I went to The Fest for Beatle Fans and Saturday I was thrilled to go carrying a wish list from my niece. She recently discovered the Lads herself and requested that I buy her entire birthday (November) and Christmas gifts there. She has all the CDs, but she wants Beatle books, Beatle clothes, Beatle DVDs, Beatle "accessories." Her Lad of Choice happens to be George.

I had so much fun picking out a tshirt, a pin, a necklace and the DVD Concert for George especially for her. It makes me happy for us because it gives us something else to talk about. And it makes me happy for everyone that the Beatles and their music and their message are still popular with high school students, decades after the first Beatlemaniacs screamed over them in 1964.