Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I feel bad for her

Hillary Clinton has been fighting the good fight for 30 years. She played a major role in getting her husband elected and re-elected and helped achieve those 8 years of peace and prosperity.

I am not supporting her for President. There was a dark side to those 8 years that I'd rather not return to. There are things about her that I don't entirely trust, and people who are better informed about these things and have worked with the Clintons for years are supporting Barack Obama.

But that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate all she's done, or that I'm enjoying watching her slow slide.

I just pointed, clicked and donated to Barack Obama's campaign. But still, I admire how hard Hillary Clinton has worked, how earnest she has been, how bravely she's put herself out there for us to judge, and I feel bad for her tonight.

I guess that's how the Dems and the Republicans differ this year. I have been satisfied with both my choices. They don't seem particularly happy with any of theirs.

A First Lady like Caroline's Mother

Caroline Kennedy recently wrote a column in the NY Times, endorsing Barack Obama because he could be "A President Like My Father." Today, my Newsweek arrived in the mail and I saw a First Lady who could be like her mother.

I know, I know … Michelle Obama has been controversial lately. I saw the comment she made about being proud of her country for the first time in her adult life. But I'm tired from a sleepless night and I'm into American Idol and frankly, I'm feeling too shallow right now to comment intelligently on her statements or the Newsweek article, which I admit I haven't read yet.

Instead, I'm talking about the Michelle Obama IMAGE. The sleek hair. The simple lines. The oversized, shamelessly fake pearls. The pastel colors in the dead of winter. It's all very Jackie.

And I think that's terrific. For there's no reason why a First Lady can't project intelligence (First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy gave speeches in French, Italian and Spanish) and strength (state funeral, anyone?) as well as her maternal and fashionista sides.

Not too long ago, I did a post about the low quality of icon girls today are exposed to in the media. I think Michelle Obama is a new millennium throwback to Jackie and Diana. A woman who is just as comfortable hugging her kids as she is giving speeches or working a ropeline. A stylish woman who will never be seen flashing her naked crotch at photographers. A smart woman who makes it fashionable to care about more than fashion.


Heads & Tails #16

Today's theme is the Letter P. And so I'm going to write about something very top of mind right now --


I was awakened this morning at about 5:00 AM by a migraine. A throbbing, nauseating headache. I got up, took my migraine pill, and tried unsuccessfully to find a position to hold my head that didn't hurt. I got up every now and again to vomit or to get something to drink. Sounds delightful, doesn't it?

My cat, Reynaldo, decided that we HAD to interact. For nearly 7 straight hours he tormented me. He sang to me, he jumped on me, he knocked things over, he spilled whatever I tried to drink. Sure, I could have locked him in the other bedroom, but then he would have cried and thrown his body against the door.

I know he just wanted to play, but I couldn't. COULD. NOT. Movement made me physically ill.

Now, as the meds have finally kicked in, he is exhausted. After about 7 hours of tormenting me, he collapsed. He is curled up in the sun like an angelic little furshrimp … and it's everything in me not to sneak up on him and scream in his face.

I know, I know. I am the human. I am more highly evolved and so more is expected of me. Plus I realize that God placed this wiry, beige bundle of energy in my life to teach me PATIENCE. And lastly, because I know that there's every possibility that he'd enjoy me yelling in his face.

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