Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stuff and Things

1) Snowbird (aka Book Mama's Mama) wisely anticipated how upset I'd be by the prospect of the naming rights to Wrigley Field being sold. Cub fandom is as much a part of my heritage (OK, a bigger part of my heritage) than my ethnicity or religion. I am a Cub fan because my parents were Cub fans and my grandparents -- both sides (I'm a purebred) -- were Cub fans. So yes, this is a major development. I tried to convince myself it wouldn't matter. But it would! Rumor has it, though, that the Wrigley Gum Company is as interested as I am, but for less sentimental reasons, in maintaining the status quo. I cling to the hope that they are successful in paying for the rights.

2) Shout Color Catchers are wonderful but elusive. Toss these fabulous white sheets into the wash and they'll absorb any loose dyes, enabling you to mix colors in the same load. They have revolutionized by laundry routine! However, I can't find them at any stores here in Chicagoland and have been ordering them from

Quirky? Who, Me?

I love me a good meme, and I found one over at Nissa's.


1) I cannot remember phone numbers. Not even my own. My cellphone number is written in my planner.

2) Likewise, I have no sense of direction or perspective. Until recently I thought I lived about 45 miles from Chicago's Loop because it takes 45 minutes to get to my office by train. Turns out I'm less than 15 miles away. So it's probably a good thing that …

3) I don't drive. If I drove, my car would just sit somewhere depreciating and rusting out 5 days a week. So what's the point? I really don't miss dealing with traffic, gas prices, car insurance and ruminating about the size of my carbon footprint.

4) I don't believe in life on other planets. I realize logically that I'm probably wrong. I mean, the universe is infinite. But in my heart, I don't believe it.

5) I have more male friends than female friends. I don't know why this is, really. It hasn't been by design, it just happened. I'm not sleeping with any of them, as they're all married or gay.

6) I'm like a chemist when it comes to my skin care. OK, so I'm 50 and I have a belly now. But my pale skin is reasonably unlined because I cleanse and exfoliate and antioxidate and ... preparing my face for foundation takes more steps than preparing the space shuttle for lift off.

If you choose to play along, let Nissa and me know, so we can compare your quirks to ours.