Thursday, April 17, 2008

The face of evil

Meet 18-year-old Jean Pierre Orlewicz. His story is NOT for the squeamish.

"JP" is on the stand in his own defense, explaining to the jury why he came up behind Daniel Sorenson … slit his throat and proceeded to stab his victim another dozen times … then took a hacksaw and beheaded him. Oh, we're not done yet. Sweet, handsome young JP then took a blowtorch to each of Daniel Sorenson's fingertips so it would be more difficult for the authorities to identify the headless body. (Hey! I warned you!)

Please note, he's not denying any of this. (Though he did deny what one witness alleged -- that JP played with Daniel Sorenson's head for a while, moving the lips and making him "talk.") He's explaining that he did it in self defense.

The jury didn't accept this explanation and found him guilty of first-degree, premeditated murder and mutilation of a corpse. They believed the version put forth by the prosecutors -- that this kid wanted to know how it felt to kill someone, what it was like to commit the perfect crime. As prosecutor Robert Moran said in his closing arguments,
"Where was his emotion when he testified? Where was his emotion when he testified that he had to kill Mr. Sorensen? When he had to cut off his head? He testified like he was ordering a pizza. A typical day. That's him. That's cold."

Speaking of "cold," wait till I tell you where JP committed these heinous acts: in his grandfather's garage. Since his dear, doting Grandpa was fighting a losing battle with dementia, he was sure he'd be safe there.

Look at this wide-eyed, clean-cut suburban kid. Remember his depraved saga next time you're tempted to say, "He doesn't look like child molester …" or drug dealer, or animal/kid abuser, or con man, etc.
Jean Pierre Orlewicz proves that evil can look as clean, harmless, and "normal" as the boy next door.