Monday, February 25, 2008

Introducing the Alphabet Meme

I've been tagged by Tasha, and here goes …

Copy all the links below and replace a single link under the appropriate letter of the alphabet. If your domain name, or even the title of your blog, starts with an “A,” you’d replace the link under that letter and put the replaced link at the bottom. Also, don’t forget to credit the tagger, or where you got the list from, at the end of the list with a full URL of the post so that a pingback gets generated.

A. An Ordinary Life
B. Blogging with Cents
C. Cricket’s Hearth
D. DadThing
E. Everything and Anything
F. Forum Finder
G. Greatfullivin
H. Happy Keg
I. I’m Running To Win Two
J. Julies Journal
K. Kabalyero
L. Ladylike4
M. Mommy Mandy
N. Not Just Mama
O. Original Mx5
P. Party of Six
Q. Q Weddings
R. Rowdigrl
S. Shirleys Delight
T. The Gal Herself
U. Utada Online
V. Valmg
W. Wicked Babylon
X. Xavier Media
Y. Yimto
Z. Zbudapest

Replaced Link: The So-Called Me

Previous tagger: Party of Six

Now I know I'm supposed to tag a handful of others, but I'm rebel, so I'm not gonna. Instead I invite all to play along, and if you join us, please leave your link in comments so we can see who you replaced.

It's Tasha's first meme and we want to keep it moving.

Life Goes On … Until It Doesn't

My weekend felt so ordinary. After leaving work on Friday, I did laundry … waited for my Peapod delivery … finished one book and started another … paid some bills … celebrated with my nephew (he's gone from Bobcat to Wolf in Boy Scouts) … got my bangs cut … watched the Oscars … I was content. My life was moving along just fine.

One of the men I work for left the office on Friday and killed himself. Life rolls on. Until it stops.

I worked for him technically, in that he "outranked" me, but I didn't really know him beyond a polite "hello." So no condolences are required. I haven't lost a friend. My sense of grief isn't personal.

But since his tragic death was announced this morning, I've been surrounded by sorrow, people who worked with him more closely and knew him better than I. It has thrown the workplace off. Everyone is having a little trouble concentrating. We're all speaking more softly and being more polite to one another. 

I'm thinking about God, and the nature of despair. I'm no stranger to depression, but I've always had friends, family and most of all FAITH. I don't understand how that can slip away from some people, how they can't hang onto that most personal of all relationships, the one with God, when all else sours. I'm baffled.

Today sucks.