Saturday, December 08, 2007

Nailah Franklin Update -- An arrest

Remember her? I do. This is Nailah Franklin, the local pharmaceutical sales rep who was brutally murdered last September.

Police have formally arrested her former boyfriend. Separated from his wife, the father of a baby with another woman, this man has quite the arrest record for assault. He threatened Ms. Franklin after she ended their relationship. I choose not to include his name here because this story should never be about him.

Except to wonder why Nailah Franklin -- a beautiful 28-year-old with a solid education, a good career, and a legion of loving relatives and friends who remember her as "not a star, but a superstar," and speak of "her spirited and strong personality" -- wasted her time with such a man. That makes me so sad.

May those who loved her find justice, and may she rest in peace.