Tuesday, March 02, 2010

There's a downside to the Information Age

I was having an OK day. The trip down to the client's offices went smoothly. Got a new photo ID so I can move freely around the client's corporate campus, and it doesn't suck anywhere near as bad as last year's. Had a nice little salad for lunch. The working session with the client was productive. We made it back to Chicagoland in record time and I even got to see most of American Idol.

But then I did the dumb thing.

I gave into temptation and checked the industry blogs. I knew there were rumors swirling out in the blogosphere, but I had no idea how many there were, and how negative they were. To say more lay offs are predicted this month is an understatement -- the word "bloodbath" turned up over and over again.

Now I can't sleep. I'm worried and those shingles-related pains are a-throbbing. I can't do a thing about the situation at work, and know that if I'm about to be laid off, the decision was made weeks (if not months) ago. So I shouldn't have looked. I should know better by now. My bad.

I hope the atmosphere at the office tomorrow isn't too funereal.