Sunday, March 02, 2008

Scrubbing the floors can be good for what ails me

Yes, my close friends are still in trouble. Yes, I will try to help in any way I can. But I've used my alone time this weekend to turn the telescope around and take a tighter, more close up view at my own life. Here are the introspective insights that came to me while scrubbing my kitchen and bathroom floors:

1) I feel pretty good. My skin is good. My hair -- which is growing out and at that awkward stage -- seems under control. I'm still built like a portly pigeon, but intend to work out more in March.

2) My vacation is mere weeks away! If two days of alone time is good for my spirit, imagine all the benefits of days of luxurious pampering!

3) My best friend should be in town next week. A week from this Wednesday. How I long to spend time with someone who gets me!

4) My finances are in decent shape. The ground still doesn't feel solid beneath my feet at work. First we had some business upheavals. Now it's impossible to know how clients will react to the suicide. All of these things are out of my control. HOWEVER, my finances are completely within my control. Like most of us, I have too much debt and not enough put away for retirement. BUT I also more than 7 months' expenses tucked away, my mortgage is paid six months in advance, and I can pay cash for almost all of my spa sabbatical. I do not wish to lose my job, of course. But if I do, I won't starve.

5) My fur family is healthy.

So while I don't intend to put my friends and their issues out of my thoughts, I think I have enough to be happy about on my own life that I'll be able to maintain perspective.

Plus, I washed the floors with Palmolive Green Apple Dishwashing Liquid, and the scent even made the chores (almost) fun.