Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tina's favorite color is red. Devin loves SpongeBob.

She's 11. He's 8. They are both involved in the child welfare program in my home town. I selected their construction paper "ornaments" from the tree at the local grocery store. The ornaments give the kid's first name, age, favorite color, clothes sizes and a special Christmas wish.

Tina's favorite color is red and her wish is to go shopping at Target. I got her a red purse and placed a pair of Target giftcards inside. (I figured two $10s would look like more than a $20.)

Devin's favorite color is blue and he loves "everything SpongeBob." I got him a blue, long-sleeved polo shirt and two Spongebob books.

Undoubtedly there are kids not far from where you are right now who are facing a Christmas that will be devoid of magic. Who won't be ripping paper off a box containing something just for them. Don't you just hate that? Doesn't it just break your heart? Don't you wish you could do something to help?

You can! Christmas is still more than a week away, so you have time to provide a child with a merry memory! 

If you don't know of a local charity, call on the Marines! The Toys for Tots website can lead you to a toy drop off location or show you how to make a donation right there on the site.

If you want to give but don't feel like trudging through the snow, you can point and click and give at The Today Show Toy Drive site at Amazon. Just choose something off the Wish List and Amazon will see that it gets to the Today Show Toy Drive. (If I hadn't already given, I'd send in a Pizza Party Elmo. He is soooooo cute!)

Do it. It's the best holiday high there is. I know. I just wrapped Devin's gift and I feel positively fabulous!

Unconscious Mutterings #21

I say ... and you think ... ?

Interview:: Andy Warhol
Army :: Navy, Marines
Unwrap :: Open
Evolve :: Primates to humans
Bus :: Bus stop
The real thing :: Marvin and Tammy ("Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing, Baby")
Streak :: Run naked
Gorge :: Stuff myself
Spicy :: Chipotles peppers
Course :: Soup, salad, main course, dessert
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