Friday, November 23, 2007

Is it OK if this doesn't exactly fill me with sorrow?

Do you recognize this man? His name is Joe Francis. He made a fortune getting dumb girls drunk, encouraging them to flash their boobs, and videotaping the results. Yes, he's Mr. Girls Gone Wild.

Poor Joe has had problems lately. First he was sued by underage girls for making money off of their … er, um … "images." They were not legally old enough to drink, nor old enough to enter into contracts. There were allegations that he physically took advantage of these girls, as well. That suit was settled, then there was a drug charge. Now he's in jail regarding tax evasion.

I am shocked … SHOCKED! … and horrified to learn that he's had a hard time in prison! He charges that guards forced him to be naked -- in public!

No one should abuse their power. That's always bad. Whether it's a prison a guard with a badge, or a millionaire with a videocamera.