Friday, September 05, 2008

It's review time

My boss came into my office this afternoon, sat down, and started to discuss one of my coworkers with me. The one I work the most closely with. The one who gives me agita.

This month we're all being evaluated by peers and subordinates alike. The results go to our supervisors, who add their own observations and it turns into our annual reviews. Her peer reviews are coming in, and they aren't very complimentary.

"She doesn't push herself, and people think she doesn't care."

That's true. He knows it, I know it, and if she were honest, she'd admit it herself. It makes me sad, though, because strange as it seems, this job is important to her. She was divorced not that long ago and just bought her first place on her own, so the paycheck is vital. Our agency is quite famous and even though our account is far from glam, she enjoys the cachet.

She's going to be very upset by this.

My boss and I discussed it and it might be better to split us up for the next project. I can be very Type A when I work, and her lackadaisical appearance might be a response to that. I mean, if the writer (me) is passionate and opinionated, the graphic designer (her) might lay back a bit to keep the mood level. Maybe if she works with someone else, she will appear more involved.

I hope so, but I don't think so.

As unpleasant as this is, it's necessary. This is business and we have an obligation to give our clients a good product.

I'm sorry I know all this and wish I could stop thinking about it.

DAY 05 -- September Fitness Challenge

This was not a good day on the fitness front. I didn't work out and the lunch I had at my desk wasn't especially nutritious. Once I got home, I began chomping on cheese crackers as I watch the Cubs fall again. But I did salvage the day by doing leg lifts on the livingroom floor. The cats were fascinated and delighted. I must do it again.

Magic Number: 18

Chin up, Cub fans! Any combination of Cub wins or Brewer losses that equals 18 means that the Boys in Blue will be the Division Champions. Yes, times have been tough within the (normally) Friendly Confines lately, but we're still at the top of the heap. First place in September is always a good place to be! Defending the lead is easier than earning it this late in the season.