Monday, December 17, 2007

$17.42 per day

According to a humane society in Michigan, that's what it costs on average to care for a stray/abandoned dog or cat. 

As the year ends, you may receive a bonus from work. Or perhaps you want to take advantage of the charitable tax deduction. Or you worry about how shelters will be able to afford to help our fur friends survive in this harsh winter weather. There are as many reasons to support animal shelters at the end of the year as there are people who love animals. 

And it's true that every little bit helps. A check for $10 or $15 can help keep a dog or cat safe and warm for a day this holiday season. Look into the sweet, guileless eyes of the pet who shares your home and you realize how important $10 or $15, used properly, really can be.

I also realize that no one is made of money, and you want to know that your contribution is going where it will make a difference. So, if you're looking for an animal welfare group to support, visit This is the Better Business Bureau's report on national charities and it can help you share your resources with groups who will use it wisely.

Manic Monday #6

What is your idea of a perfect romantic evening? I like taking it slooow. A nice, leisurely meal in a quiet place. Lots of good conversation. Add a little subtle flirting. Then back to his place for some not-so-subtle flirting, and to enjoy what happens naturally.

Imagine you had to take part in the winter Olympics. What sport would you do? Luge! I love sleds.

What's something that people do in traffic that really bothers you? When the driver stopped at the red light is so intent on making his "right on red" that he begins creeping into the intersection without noticing the pedestrian in the crosswalk, IN FRONT OF HIS CAR. I can't tell you how many hoods I've pounded in self defense. And it's not a fair confrontation -- a ton of steel vs. a 5'2 Gal.

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