Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm glad I believe in Heaven

It makes it easier to hear that the trash bag of bones dumped in the woods was once this little girl, Caylee Anthony. Where her spirit is now, no one will ever again treat her as disposable.

I hope her passing was painless. And I can't help believing that she's better off now than living in that Anthony household. There's something very disturbing about a family that will blame spoiled pizza, a non-existant nanny, the media, the equisearch volunteers, the police (whose efforts they obstructed), their neighbors and their friends for Caylee Anthony's disappearance, instead of looking at the daughter they know from experience is, at best, a liar and a thief.

Rest in peace, Caylee Marie. You're safe now.

Ugh! I need a new TV

The Geek from Geek Squad was here today. He was very nice (and really not at all geeky). But while now I can finally watch both cable TV and DVDs, I have to switch the hookup every time. The only solution? Sob, sob. A new TV. My trustworthy, still fully operational TV simply doesn't have the right number/type of outlets for today's technology.