Saturday, September 06, 2008

These two are starting to creep me out

I give you Cindy and George Anthony, the Florida couple whose granddaughter Caylee Anthony is missing and whose daughter Casey -- a "person of interest" in Caylee's disappearance -- is out of jail for the time being.

The story is tragic. Caylee, only 3 years old, is the victim, but the poor little girl is overshadowed by this Floridian version of the Addams family.

According to Casey, and reiterated over and over again very angrily by her parents, she gave her daughter to a woman named Zenaida, a lovely and seemingly trustworthy woman who had been watching Caylee for years, and Zenaida suddenly just ran off with her. According to the Anthony family, Casey has no address for this woman, nor a phone number, nor any banking information because apparently Zenaida the governess had been watching this child "for years" for free.

During the first month that young Caylee and "Zenaida" were missing, Casey didn't call the police but instead conducted her own search for her daughter … interrupted every now and again for a pole dance at a bar and time alone with her boyfriend, Tony.

Casey's car smelled terrible and cadaver dogs tagged it as having been the site of a corpse. According to the Anthonys, the smell came from a bad pizza in the trunk. Or, if there ever was a dead body in the car, "someone" must have put it in there to frame poor Casey. DNA found in the trunk is "consistent" with Caylee's, but Cindy Anthony doesn't believe in DNA results. Significant amounts of chloroform were also in the car. I haven't heard Cindy Anthony explain that way, but I'm sure she can and will.

Cindy Anthony is angry that the Equisearch team, who came to Florida from Texas at their own expense and have been riding through swamps and wooded areas looking for Caylee, aren't looking for her live granddaughter but instead a body. George Anthony screams at the reporters that swarm his home. The police, who have incarcerated Casey twice -- once for child endangerment/giving false statement to police and again for fraudulently emptying out her friend's checking account -- are harrassing their poor daughter!

When the truth comes out, Cindy Anthony said, Casey will be hailed as "mom of the year."

Caylee has been missing SINCE JUNE. These two people blame the media, the neighbors, the Equisearch volunteers and the police for their tragic misfortune … never their crazy daughter. They cannot possibly believe what they are saying. They must, by now, as the days go by and the evidence mounts, realize that their daughter killed their granddaughter.

Or maybe they're as loony as Casey is.

I wonder if poor little Caylee ever stood a chance with Casey as her mother.


  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    The mother's name is CASEY...not Carly....

  2. Thank you. That was sloppy of me and I have corrected it. I guess I am just far more concerned about the fate of children like Caylee.

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  4. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Wow, this story is one of the reasons I can't bare watching/reading the news anymore. It seriously makes me sick.


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