Saturday, May 24, 2008

With apologies to Maroon 5

"This game has taken its toll on me/We've left men on too many times before …"

Geez, we're in the 12th and it's still 4-4, Cubs and Pirates! Enough already! If St. Louis wasn't a mere game behind us, I wouldn't care how this contest ends.

But they are, so I must.

Friends and family update

So much has been going on with everyone around me! It's time to take stock and document where everyone is on this Saturday morning …

Mom is still on the mend. She's weak and often has the blues. The antibiotics gave her stomach trouble. So she was prescribed antidiarrheal meds that have given her a rash. Still, she's home. She's got her cats and her garden to comfort her. Her lunch buddy, Shirley, took her to her doctor's appointment this week. It wasn't the Olive Garden, their favorite haunt, but seeing her friend at the appointed day and time gave her a sense of normalcy. And nothing makes her happier than spending time with my niece and nephew, who can stop by after school.

My old boss is back at his desk. He worked two days this week, his first time at the office since 4/17. It's gone well, but, like my mom, he's still weak. The ugly fact of the matter is that he almost died, and his anger at those who (mis)treated him is palpable. I like the anger better than the depression it replaced. I'm also glad he's back to work. He really does love his job. We may get together next week.

Kathy told me rather forcefully that she does not want me riding "the worry train, too. There is enough of that in this neck of the woods." It was a wise and generous thing for her to say. I have been beating myself up because all I can afford to give her this summer is $300 to help with the boarding of her cats. Right now:
• I don't know how much financial help my mom will need
• I know my niece and nephew don't like thinking about it before this school year officially ends, but the expense of back-to-school will be upon us in just six paychecks
• I must get my finances in order in case I find myself unemployed this year
• I'm considering the wisdom of long-term care insurance, but it's not cheap.

So $300 is not as much as I'd like to contribute to Kathy's cause. But it's important to note that she didn't ask me for a single cent, and she's done her best to alleviate any and all guilt on my side.

My best friend seems to be making a real friendship in his new neighborhood. Oh, I know I'm the best friend he will ever have, and he's still as important to me as my next breath, and I miss him so, but we are in different cities. He needs a bromance, someone closer by who shares his interests, isn't related (every guy he's been socializing with has been an in-law), and is a man (so his wife will be more comfortable). Seems one of his neighbors not only knows of, but is a fan of, a Texas-based blues singer that my best friend adores. The two couples went to see her last night. It's my hope that he'll feel less isolated, less lonely, and more able to forge a new identity for himself.

I think that's all the news that's fit to print!