Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Merry Christmas Meme

Naturally I stole this from Kwiz.

Name 5 Favorite Christmas Songs

* James Taylor, "River"
* Barbra Streisand, "White Christmas"
* The King will have a "Blue Christmas"
* Frank Sinatra, "The First Noel"
* Andy Williams, "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

Name 4 Gifts You Plan To Buy For Others.
All my gifts are purchased, but I'll list the ones I can see from here
* Old Navy pink coat for Zoe, one of the children in need whose ornament/wish lists are on the Whole Foods Christmas Tree
* Old Navy Flirt jeans for my niece (a girl who knows exactly what she wants)
* A plush rat named Scabbers for my nephew
* That Girl! The Final Season DVD (OOPS! I bought that for me, but it's the fourth gift I can see from here)

Name 3 Things On Your Christmas Wish List.
* Pedicure stuff, esp. foot scrub
* Adam Lambert's CD
* Facial scrubs and masks

What 2 Places Do You Plan To Be On Christmas?
* Mom's
* Church

What Is 1 Important Person, Place or Thing You Love About Christmas?
* Singing "Silent Night" at the close of the candlelight service. It reminds me of the meaning of Christmas.

Why is this man smiling?

John Edwards is on top of a poll again! According to the WSJ/NBC: "But given a choice between Edwards, Tiger Woods, singer Chris Brown, Balloon Boy’s parents, David Letterman, Jon and Kate Gosselin, or New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez as the public figure who was most disappointing in 2009, Edwards took a solid one-third of the vote with 33% for cheating on his wife while she is being treated for incurable cancer."

I couldn't agree more. And I fear this isn't over. It's possible that Elizabeth Edwards could live out her days watching her husband, to whom she will leave two young children, fighting charges that he violated finance laws. That gallant lady deserves so much better.

Have a nice day, you douche.